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Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.




  • Friday Evening Meal

  • Marriage Enriching Teaching and Discussions

  • Ballroom Dancing

  • Access to Walking and Hiking Trails

  • Admission to this event

*Look below at the FAQ for any questions

A time to fall in love again

Join Love and Purity ministry for a romantic weekend focused on encouraging you and your spouse in your calling as a couple.    We will be hearing from couples who have learned through life experience what are the foundational elements needed to build a strong and enduring marriage.   These times of worldwide upheaval can leave our marriages strained and in need of a refreshing break from all the hustle and bustle of this world.  If your marriage needs tending to or you just love getting away from the everyday routine to spend time with your spouse, we believe this event will be a blessing to you.    

    We will be spending time in worship, connecting to God, seeking Him to make our marriages the beautiful relationship that He intended from the beginning. 


Friends of ours who have taught ballroom dancing for years will be showing us through dance how we can not only have fun but also grow in our communication skills as a couple.   If dancing isn't your thing, we will be offering other relationship-enriching activities as an alternative.


Our hope is that every couple who comes will be renewed and refocused on the things that matter most in life; our relationship to God and one another.

Brayden & Tali

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


 Friends of ours who have taught ballroom dancing for years will be showing us through dance how we can not only have fun but also grow in our communication skills as a couple.   Alternative relationship-building activities will be available for those who would prefer a different activity.


Come stay in our campground situated in the beautiful green hills of the southern end of the Ozarks!

We have sites with water and electric in our main campground for RV or tenting, and over 20+ acres of forest for those wanting to camp in nature.

For those not interested in camping contact: for information on our limited housing options.

Forest Trees
Session in Progress

Enriching Teaching and Helpful Discussions

During the two full days of the conference, there will be teaching from couples who have been in the trenches and can speak words of wisdom and encouragement.  There will also be panel discussions and group sessions.


We will be offering VBS for Children 4-12 during this event! Using Answers in Genesis' Mystery Island program your children will learn about the one true God and how He is Great, Almighty, Ruler, Emmanuel and Trustworthy. This will include memory verses, puppet shows, games, snacks, science and craft projects and so much more!! 


The price per child including snacks during the weekend is $25.


There will also be a nursery for children 1-3 for $10. 

Teens ages 13+ will be $10 for the Friday evening meal and snacks. They are encouraged to volunteer to help with the VBS.

Image by Jesus Loves Austin



 The Love & Purity Campus, situated in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Patterson Missouri.  We have a 60-acre campus with ponds, a working farm, and nature trails.


We have a few apartments and a cabin available to rent.  Contact to 

see what may be available.

About the food

We will be providing the Friday evening meal and snacks for the children and teens.  There are stoves and refrigerators provided in the apartments and cabin.  There is also a common kitchen in the women's dorm (sorry guys, girls only in those areas).  The common kitchen has a stove and two refrigerators.

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