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Daily Schedule

This is the general schedule however with the unknowns of weather this may be adjusted to meet the needs of the moment. (For example: switching the afternoon study time with the morning work time.)  We plan to do a “fun day” every 2 weeks which will include things like swimming, hiking, field trips etc.  For those doing the 7 month program there will be  a 1 week summer break for students to go home and visit family. 

6am - Wake Up/Personal Devotion

6:30 - Breakfast

7am-8am - Prayer/Worship Watch

8am-12pm - Work/Projects

12 pm - Lunch

1pm-2pm - Break

2pm-3pm - Teaching (Farm Skills) 

3pm-4pm - Teaching (Music Skills)

4pm-5pm - Teaching (Bible)

5pm-6pm - Prayer/Worship Watch

6pm-7pm - Supper

7pm - Evening Activity (reading, documentary, volleyball, games, etc)

8pm-10pm - Lights Out

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