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3 days of prayer and fasting

The call...

As our culture thrills over the latest entertainment and the advances of modern technology there remains a bankruptcy of spirit and ingratitude across our land.  There is something deep within our souls that longs for more than a temporary flash of amusement. We were created to be fascinated, absolutely, but our opponent has done a masterful job of playing on this innate human desire and lured a generation into a counterfeit. Rise up, men of God and become fascinated with the One who has long held angels captive with His splendor!  Do not settle for the counterfeit that so pales in contrast to the Ancient One who holds millions at this moment in rapt attention.  Despite the apparent material prosperity we are surrounded by, their has never been a time in the history of America when our spiritual state has been so dark and the call to gather in prayer and fasting has been so urgent.  Will you join together with other men in fervent prayer to contend for the fullness of God's will for our families and country?  Will you engage, like Daniel of old in prayer for Israel's full redemption?  Let us answer the call of Yeshua "Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Mark 14:38

The fast will start Sunday morning and we will break the fast on Tuesday night. You can arrive Saturday night or Sunday morning and can stay through Wednesday Morning. During these three days we will be spending both corporate and individual times in prayer and worship.

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