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The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much



This past year has exposed the hollowness of a life that idolizes the enjoyment of fleeting pleasures.  The height of this idolatry is revealed in the horrors of human trafficking and it's close relative abortion which is a direct result of a culture whose conscience is seared with the hot iron of immorality.  A few weeks ago, two contrasting phrases came to my mind: "circuit rider" and "fence rider".   Will we be found like the circuit riders who travelled the rural communities of their day with a burning message of revival or sit on the sidelines and ride the fence?   This is no time to be riding the fence!  It is time to gather in humility with other men and cry out to God for help.  It is time to heed the gospel call that has not changed: "deny yourself".  


The upheaval our nation has gone through has uncovered in a new way the bankruptcy of spirit and ingratitude that exist across our land.  Seeking to medicate this emptiness, many turn to the entertaining and stunning yet sick and soul numbing narcotics of Hollywood.  There is something deep within our souls that longs for more than a temporary flash of amusement. We were created to be fascinated, absolutely, but our opponent has done a masterful job of playing on this innate human desire and has lured a generation into a counterfeit. Rise up, men of God and become fascinated with the One who has long held angels captive with His splendor!  Do not settle for the counterfeit that so pales in contrast to the Ancient One who holds millions at this moment in rapt attention.  


There has never been a time in the history of America when our spiritual state has been so dark and the call to gather in prayer and fasting has been so urgent.  Will you join together with other men in fervent prayer to contend for the fullness of God's will for our families and country?  Will you engage, like Daniel of old, in prayer for Israel's full redemption? 


Let us answer the call of Yeshua: "Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation.” Mark 14:38

      - Brayden Waller






The fast will begin Friday morning. We will break the fast Sunday evening with a provided Meal.


Arrive anytime Thursday evening. We encourage coming for the whole fast but you can come on Friday if needed.


We will be spending time in corporate and individual prayer. and worship. Work our way through a book on prayer and/or fasting


You can stay through Monday morning or leave after breaking the fast Sunday night.

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