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Thank you to everyone that attended this event!!

Operation Nehemiah Missions

July 17-19

Join us this summer to hear from William Levi, the founder and CEO of Operation Nehemiah Missions, which helps to develop and support the Christian Community of South Sudan

William Levi is The Founder and Overseer ( CEO)  of  Operation Nehemiah Missions.  He is Messianic believer from African Jewry in the Sudanese Diaspora.  He came to the saving knowledge of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah in 1977 at the age of  13.  In 1984, he faced persecution for his faith as a  Messianic Christian in His native country Sudan at the hand of Sudan’s Islamic regime under Sharia law. He was arrested, beaten, and tortured for his biblical conviction, forced to renounce Christianity and convert to Islam, but he refused. He chose to die for Christ. However, miraculously, as a young man, God delivered him from the grip of Islamic persecution. Providentially, and supernaturally, he escaped Sudan in 1985  through Egypt, Turkey and  France, arriving in America in 1988 with  nothing but his Bible. Despite arriving in the USA with nothing, William did not sit idle and do nothing. He prayed and rolled up his sleeves and went to work full time while attending engineering college in New Jersey fulltime as well. He graduated from college in less than four years hoping to start a new life in America and forget what he left behind.  In 1993 while living in New Jersey and attending a local Messianic Congregation, he heard God’s calling on his life to be the voice for the voiceless for the suffering church in Sudan. He dropped his engineering career for the sake of God’s calling.  He established Operation Nehemiah Missions in 1993 in the USA and South Sudan to alleviate the plight of Christians in his native country of birth and upbringing.  The ministry has been established in South Sudan permanently since 2004.  William Levi is also the author of the Bible or The Axe, a must-read book of his bio and personal testimony going through trial and finding refuge and freedom in Christ.


He is married to Hannah Levi and they have seven children with their 8th baby on the way. Mrs. Levi is a homemaker and a full-time mother of seven home-schooled children: Abijah, Nechemyah, Hadassah, Jemimah, Yehudah, Yerushah and Shoshanah.  They run the ministry from their home office based in Lanesborough, Massachusetts.  They engage in Church planting, strengthening the family, Gospel radio broadcasting, agricultural development, clean water, healthcare, and family entrepreneurial initiatives. 

The Levi family along with American missionaries conduct multiple mission trips to the South Sudan every year and regularly monitor the ongoing work in the field.



For more visit them at:

Registration and pricing info

Registration prices 

July 17-19

  • Adults 18+              $50

  • Children 6-17          $30

  • Children 0-5            Free

There is a family cap at $175

Housing options​​

  • RV site, w/ 30 amp hookup and water ($25/night)

  • Dorm ($15/person/night)

  • Housing unit ($45-$100 depending on availability and housing choice)

  • Tent - w/ electricity $15 (You must bring your own extension cord)

Food Included update!!

Friday dinner is the first meal included with registration

Saturday and Sunday lunch will also be provided.

possibility of a pot luck on Saturday dinner 

Arrivals and departures

You can arrive anytime Friday July 17th. The departure date is Sunday, July 19 or Monday July 20th.

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