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Passover Family Week

April 5-12 "The Spirit Of Elijah"

 PATTERSON, MO              ALL AGES                7 DAYS             encouragement AND FUN

John the baptist and Elijah the prophet were two of the most anointed men in history. They were anointed to turn the hearts of people back to God and to turn the hearts of families back to each other. As we gather this year may the same conviction and vision that these men embodied become an unquenchable fire in our lives.  We look forward to gathering with you to seek God for renewal and hope for the future.

Passover Seder: Will take place on Wed April 8 and the seder will be provided with your registration.

Cleaning and Kitchen Schedule:

We will need some extra help with keeping things running smoothly. Please let us know in your registration form if you or your family members would be able to volunteer for cleaning shifts and/or shifts in the kitchen.

Arrivals and departures: Arrival dates can be Friday, April 3 or Sunday, April 5. The departure date is Sunday, April 12 unless there are families staying for the Hebrew course.

Housing: Housing on campus is only available for the entire week. Those wanting to find a short term stay can find local campgrounds or lodging nearby.

Visitors: Visitors are welcomed throughout the week but must contact Brayden before arrival (573) 525-1900. If visitors are present during meal times, we ask that they provide their own food or chip in for meal costs (We also need advance notice for those wanting to join us for the meals, especially the Seder and the Shabbat Dinner).

Meals: On Monday through Friday lunch is included in your registration! We will also provide the Shabbat Dinner and the Passover Seder meal. All meals will be vegetarian except for the Passover Seder and the Shabbat Dinner. Please bring your other meals with you and be prepared to bring a meal big enough for your family+ to share at a pot-blessing on Shabbat (the 11th).

Registration and pricing info

Registration prices 

April 5- 12 

  • Adults 18+              $130

  • Children 6-17          $75

  • Children 0-5            Free

There is a family cap at $450

Housing options​​

  • RV site, w/ 30 amp hookup and water ($35/night)

  • Dorm ($15/person/night)

  • Housing unit ($45-$100 depending on availability and housing choice)

  • Tent - w/ electricity $15 (You must bring your own extension cord)


If you are unable to attend due to finances, please contact: to discuss financial options

Attention: until further notice, all events have been Postponed