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Program topics

This is a list of topics that we plan on exploring in the classes. There will likely be additional topics that will be taught. With all the skills listed we will, as much as possible, be giving hands-on opportunities to practice what you are learning. 

Music/Worship/Discipleship Subjects:

  • Bible Classes (Brayden, Aaron, Boaz etc)

These classes will cover a variety of biblical topics including: Growing in Love for God, Worship and Intercession, Praying for Jerusalem, Walking in the Light, Pursuing Purity of Heart etc.

  • Choir (Tali Waller)

This will be a time to develop your singing voice while learning to meld with other voices in beautiful harmony.   

  • Worship Watches (L&P Team)

These watches are patterned after the Revelation 5:8 model that speaks of harps and bowls which symbolize worship and prayer together.  With this glimpse into the heavenly worship we believe there is great value in seeking to pattern our prayer meetings to look like, as much as possible, “on earth as it is in heaven”.   These day and night watches are led by various people throughout the week.


  •  Learn an Instrument Classes (Brayden, Aaron, Tali, etc)

These classes will be to help you learn beginner guitar, piano or drums.  Each student will pick an instrument to learn at the beginning of the course.  The lessons will be geared toward learning worship songs and how to play in a band.   

The following discounts are available:

5% off first to sign up!

5% off for first student to pay in full!

5% off a student who brings a friend for both student and friend!

Farm Subjects
  • Greenhouse vegetable production (Brayden Waller, Boaz Sundquist)

Planting, weeding, irrigating, harvesting vegetables.  

  • Permaculture (Brayden Waller)

Learn the basics of using land to produce sustainable food. Permaculture is an approach to land management that is defined by consciously designing landscapes that mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance or food.

  • Basic animal care/Pasture Rotation (Brayden Waller)

Learn basic animal care including nutrition needs, how to prevent parasites, and providing the right forage for them. You will also learn the importance of pasture rotation. 


  • Welding (Boaz Sundquist)

Learn to weld so you can fabricate your own tailor made things right on the farm.  Fix what is broken and let your creativity go wild with the ability to weld.


  • Raising Meat Chickens (Brayden Waller)

Join the process from chick to chicken dinner.   We will pasture the chickens for 8 to 10 weeks and then butcher them and then eat them.  


  • Basic Butchering  (Brayden Waller)

Learn how to properly slaughter, dress, skin and process meat.


  • Dairy Cow know-how (Brayden Waller)

Experience the sheer joy of milking a cow!  


  • Fence Building Basics (Brayden Waller)

Learn the art of building strong brace posts and making a fence that will last.  


  • Electricity  basics (Aaron Hood)

Learn basic electrical wiring and how electricity works.


  • Canning (Victoria Hood)

Learn how to preserve the harvest by canning.  


  • Soil Science (Keith Montgomery)

Learn the amazing structure of soil and how its health and upkeep are at the foundation of a healthy farm.  

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