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Ways to Support

1. Prayer

 We believe in the power of prayer! "The fervent effectual prayer of the righteous man avails much" (James 5:16)

2. Monthly Donations

Monthly donations, no matter how small,  are the backbone of our financial support. These donations will go toward staff salaries, House of Prayer upgrades, podcast platform, website domain, administrative costs, and more. As a monthly supporter, you will be joining us as a partner in the ministry and we will keep you connected in a special way. 

3. One Time Donations

One time donations will go toward our current projects. The Harp + Farm program is what we are currently focusing our resources on as well as compensating ministry staff. These donations also help finance the jail ministry and other outreach programs that we are able to participate in throughout the year.

4. Volunteer Time/Talents

If you feel you have a talent or skill (plumbing, roofing, construction, graphic art, music, etc) that would be beneficial and would like to donate your time or materials please contact us.

Current Needs

  • Monthly Support

  • Harp + Farm Scholarships

  • Harp + Farm Greenhouse

  • Waller family Israel trip

You can also mail a check to: 


Love & Purity Ministry

PO Box 102
Greenville, MO 63944


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