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Matza and Dill

April 2-9

2023 PASSOVER Family Week

Come and join families from all over the United States as we gather for our fourth annual Passover Family Week!  There will be great teaching, amazing music, interesting workshops, and activities for the whole family.  This year's theme is "Being Rooted and Grounded in Love".  Come and make memories that your family will cherish for years to come.


May 25-28

2023 Shavuot Weekend Retreat

A weekend retreat to celebrate Shavuot.  We will have a watch night, a bread baking competition, children's activities, and more!  This has been a blast over the past few years and we are looking forward to this year's celebration!

Young Family

August 18-20

2023 Above Rubies Family Celebration Retreat

We look forward to spending some quality time with everyone's adopted grandparents, Colin & Nancy Campbell.  There will be meetings and breakout sessions filled with great information for couples and parents alike.  There will even be sessions for single men and women who are seeking to learn how to live a life dedicated to a purity of heart.

Decorated Wedding Table

Sept 28-Oct 8

2023 SUKKOT Family Week

One of our most popular events every year!  There will be games and activities for children of all ages, fun and relevant workshops, amazing worship, and great teaching.  Bring your talents to our annual talent show.  And don't forget the great fellowship!!!  Sukkah visiting, anyone?!

Wooden Frame Window

November 3-5

2023 L&P Women's Conference

A new addition to our event list this year!  We are excited to host our very own women's conference this year.  Stay tuned for more details!

Stage Setup

December 7-10

2023 Hanukkah Worship Weekend

Filled with music and light, this is one of our favorite events of the year!  There will be activities for the children and workshops for the adults.  And did we mention the MUSIC?!


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