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Our prayer for this "Sukkot of Ascent" is to ascend into a higher place of walking with God and one another. As the Bride is being made ready, her burning desire will be to ascend ever closer to the heart of Yeshua. As we continue this journey, our great hope is to one day be found ascending in jubilant procession with all the redeemed of the nations to worship in Zion.

General schedule: We will start the day off with prayer followed by worship and a teaching. There will be some afternoon and evening events as well. The week will have a Yom Tov (High Sabbath) on Monday (the 14th), a visitors day, sukkah decorating party, a talent show, marketplace, and lots of time to visit Sukkahs.

Hosting: Sukkot is all about celebrating and fellowshipping with other people. Be ready with lots of snacks and drinks to share with visitors that come to your Sukkah. 

Marketplace: We will be setting up a marketplace in a room in the buildings. you can feel free to leave the merchandise out all week for people to browse. This will be closed on the high Sabbaths. There is no charge. 

Volunteer help: For those of you who do not know Brayden and I so well... We are AMATEUR event organizers and on top of that we have only a few people officially helping run this event. We are fully counting on your participation and help to make this feast one to remember! Your heart to lend a helping hand to everyone around you will be greatly appreciated. I am sure we will need help in Sukkah construction, cleaning, kitchen preparation, etc. We would love you suggestions and comments before, during, and after the event.

Arrival/departure options:

- If you register for the whole week you can:

Arrive: Friday the 11th or Sunday the 13th

Leave: Sunday the 20th or Tuesday the 22nd 

- If you register for the weekend you can: 

Arrive: Friday the 18th

Leave: Sunday the 20th or Tuesday the 22nd

We will be celebrating Simchat Torah, another Yom Tov (High Sabbath), on Monday (the 21st). Feel free to stay and celebrate with us. 

Sukkah and Lulav info: We are still looking into the options of what materials we are able to provide but we will email those registered with further information. 

Registration and Pricing info...

Registration prices 

​October 13- 20  

  • Adults 18+              $100

  • Children 6-17          $60

  • Children 0-5            Free

There is a family cap at $325

Weekend Registration Prices

​October 18-20

  • Adults 18+                $50

  • Children 6-17            $30

  • Children 0-5              Free

There is a family cap at $175


Monday through Friday free dairy lunch is included in your registration! We will also provide the Shabbat meal. All meals will be dairy (vegetarian including fish and eggs). Please bring your other meals with you and be prepared to bring a meal big enough for your family+ to share at a pot-blessing on Shabbat (the 19th).

Housing options...

  • Tent site, w/ electric and water ($10/night)

  • RV site, w/ 30 amp hookup and water ($35/night)

  • Dorm ($15/person/night)

  • Housing unit ($35-$100 depending on availability and housing choice)


    PATTERSON, MO                  ALL AGES             7 DAYS             ENCOURAGEMENT AND FUN

Attention: until further notice, all events have been Postponed