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 In 2009 Brayden and Tali's unique love story was captured in the documentary "Betrothed".  Their story has inspired many to understand the Bridegroom heart of Yeshua in a deeper way.  Love and Purity Ministry was founded by Brayden and Tali Waller with a vision to "prepare the way of the Lord".   


Love & Purity Ministries has 3 branches: 


  • Local outreach & weekly fellowship in Southeast Missouri

  • Discipleship training & Hebrew language programs

  • Online teachings - podcasts, articles & videos


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The Voice of My Beloved Podcast 

We're Brayden & Tali Waller!  With a decade of marriage in our rear view mirror and five children in tow we are now looking ahead with hopes to encourage all who are seeking to be found ready when Yeshua comes.    The following themes are what fire up our hearts: Bible memory, music, reaching the lost, discipleship, Israel, The Bride making herself ready.  


Love and Purity Bible Memory podcast!

This is a simple and fun podcast where our family shares our short Bible memory songs we have come up with over the years. Our children sing along for a fun family feel:) 

We have found that by singing these songs five times a day we have them memorized in one week. These podcasts have each song sung five times for you to listen to every day for a week. So in only 4 minutes a day you will be able to hide God's Word in your heart for a lifetime! (Don't forget to go back and review!)

We are in the beginning stages of our ministry, and your support is critical to our growth and effectiveness. You can be a vital part of our pioneering work by joining our team in financial support.


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Attention: until further notice, all events have been Postponed