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CD - Extravagant Love

This is the physical CD of this album.


This CD has been in the making since Brayden was 18 years old and wrote "Love in your Eyes" a song featured in his family's documentary "A Journey Home".  Drawing from the story of Mary of Bethany the title song "Extravagant Love" calls us to a life of complete devotion to God.  This collaborative effort by Brayden and Tali Waller brings a message of purity of heart and clarity of purpose.  Songs like "Noah, Daniel, and Job" speak to the desperate condition of the world today, while "It Is Good For A Man" and "Purity Of Heart" give words and melody to a desire to live out a life in stark contrast to the world.  "Anna's Song" reminds us of the beauty of a lifelong dedication to a Messiah that brings forth righteousness and everlasting life.  The song "Holding  The Line" encourages us to hold on to God in the midst of our struggles.

CD - Extravagant Love

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