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Love and Purity Albums


Yet a Little While

Produced in 2023, this CD is a collection of songs straight from the scriptures. The songs focus on the second coming of our King and Bridegroom Yeshua. This CD is available on all major music platforms. 

Extravagant Love

This CD is a complication of original songs written over several years. Recorded in 2022, many of Brayden and Tali's favorite songs are featured on this album. Also available on all major music platforms. 



Psalms 113 - 118 are put entirely to music in both English and Hebrew. This album was recorded over several years while we were traveling back and forth to Israel and was released in 2019. This CD is not yet available on streaming platforms.

Psalms of Ascent

Memorize all of Psalm 120 - 134 in both English and Hebrew as you listen to them put to song. These songs were also written during our time in Israel and recorded in 2012. This CD is full of harmonies and has a calm feel through the whole recording. 

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Many of these song focus on the reality of the heavenly Bridal picture and they were recorded during a particularly special time: during Brayden and Tali's betrothal season. This CD also features songs from the documentary, Betrothed, which captures Brayden and Tali's wedding. 

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