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Joel Salatin

MARCH 9-10 2021



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Joel Salatin, self-described Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer, shares visceral practice and visionary pragmatism based on his half century of faith and family farming experience. The Salatin family’s current four generations living on the farm is testament to a legacy of profitability and personal relationships. In this two-day workshop, he not only shares information about production and profit but also techniques for
working together harmoniously within the family and beyond. Profit margins, unorthodox compensation, and team building are all part of this eclectic presentation.


We are excited to host Joel Salatin for a 2 day intensive.

The focus will be on Healthy living through Faith, Family and Farming. Through the last year we've seen how crazy the world can get when it separates family, and just how important it is to have an understanding of how we can work now to help heal this generation for the future of this earth.

The time is now! Let's learn how to bring everything back to the basics of Farming, Family and Faith

Coming March 9th-10th Joel Salatin! Join us in Missouri!!!!
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Price For Event

$80     Per Adult(18+) *

$40     Per Child(5 - 17)*


$15 Per Person: Food Pass

Includes Lunch and Dinner on both days.

We can work around basic food allergies for those that need.

*doesn't include meals or housing


MORNING SESSIONS: The first session is a general introduction to the financial considerations and opportunities for running a family farm as a business.  The second session includes the first of three virtual tours of Polyface Farms as Joel discusses forestry, composting, and “Salad Bar Beef” in detail.


AFTERNOON SESSIONS: The afternoon sessions complete the virtual tour of Polyface Farms.  Joel will discuss the details of raising pigs, chicken, rabbits, and sheep.  These two sessions will also include seasonal considerations for livestock, water systems, chicken housing and egg production, and sales infrastructure and collaboration.


MORNING SESSIONS: The first half will be about building business relationships in your family, including structuring expectations and compensation.  This will also focus on team-building within your family by recognizing individual strengths/weaknesses and establishing a mission statement.  The second half will focus more on the business analysis of the family farm: time and motion studies, gross margin analysis, individualized project value, shared risk, and compensation packages.


AFTERNOON SESSIONS: The two afternoon sessions will focus on marketing.  Subjects covered will include craft vs commodity, creating a brand, identifying patrons and sales venues, pricing, bundling, and handling growth gracefully.


Love & Purity Campus

Nestled in the beautiful Ozarks of Southeast Missouri, Love & Purity Campus is the perfect place to learn about the foundational aspects of farming.

At Love & Purity Campus we host events and conferences focused on bringing people back to a family focused and healthy lifestyle.

Check out our EVENTS page to see some of our other conferences

Love & Purity Front Gate


Stay with us in our new campground in our dorm or in a local Hotel/AirBnb

  • Tent site, w/ electric and water ($15/night) 

  • RV site, w/ 30 amp hookup and water ($30/night)

  • Dorm ($10/person/night)

    • We have a shared Men's dorm and a Separate Shared Women's dorm

  • Hotels: The closest chain hotels would be about 40 minutes away in Poplar Bluff

  • UPDATE: All apartments have been reserved.  The dorm and campground still have more space

We have Showers and Restrooms just a short walk from the camp/RV sites. 

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