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Hebrew School

At love & Purity Campus

Learn Hebrew. Have fun. Be challenged. 

Succeed and conquer.

Make plans to join us at our campus for a fully immersive, practical, comprehensive in-person experience, guaranteed to boost your Hebrew fluency 

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Why learn Hebrew the Ulpan way?

understand it

Experienced teachers will simplify the concepts of Hebrew making it easier to comprehend while you learn

hear it

Being surrounded with like minded Hebrew learners in this cultivated experience will allow for many opportunities to hear and understand a multitude of new words

write it

Completing homework and participating in the interactive classes will help you grasp the grammar and spelling of Hebrew

communicate it

With our style of learning, you can have full immersion in the Hebrew language through all hours of the day



Great classes, great teachers, wonderful community. Highly recommended for everyone

Samuel M.

Ulpan was absolutely amazing! It was a turning point in my Hebrew learning experience, I went from a beginner level to being fairly comfortable with spoken Hebrew.

Stefania H.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn Hebrew efficiently and in a very fun atmosphere. And, I plan to go again myself!


Our hearts, and the testimony of many students is that this Hebrew course is a beautiful place for spiritual growth as well as practical learning. Come expecting to be challenged, to be empowered to succeed, and to make amazing memories!

Hear the stories of past students