Young Men's Discipleship Course

4 Week Course

Dates: March 2 - 30

Price: $570

2 Week Course

Dates: March 2 - 16

Price: $300

Location: MO Campus

Course Leaders: Brayden Waller, Britt Waller,  and Samuel Wearp

- Registration costs cover food and housing for the entire course.

- All those registered will be expected to help with the various needs of the facility. 

How to register: 

     1. Fill out online registration form (click below)

     2. Have a phone call with a course leader

     3. Confirm acceptance and make payment

Tentative Daily SChedule

6:00 Personal prayer and Bible time

7:00 Exercise

7:45 Breakfast

8:30 Group Worship

9:00 Scripture Memory

9:30 Discipleship Class 1 

11:00 Discipleship Class 2

12:30 Lunch

1:45 Afternoon Break 

2:30 Campus Projects 

4:00 Identity Workshop

5:30 Supper

6:45 Free Time and/or Evening Activity

10:00 Lights Out

Course Vision

Discipleship is a powerful way to accelerate your spiritual growth.  Our vision is to establish a program that will teach and equip young people to be bright lights in our world. This course will not only be about learning but also about putting into practice all that is taught.  This will be the first season of discipleship courses held here at the Love and Purity Campus. We are excited about what The Father has in store.  The program will mainly revolve around the themes of Bible study, worship, prayer, and our identity in Messiah. Our prayer is that all of you who participate will be strengthened in love for Yeshua, that you will grow on the strong foundation of the Word, and that, through it all, you will be prepared for the calling that God has on your life. 

Come experience the power of young men overcoming the evil one by the Word abiding in them (1 John 2:14). This course will focus on two things: 1. growing closer to the Word made flesh Yeshua 2. Equipping the warrior in you by strengthening your grip on the two edged sword of the written Word of God. Answer the great need for men of integrity who stand unflinchingly in defense of love and purity. Come let the Word etch you into the man you were created to be!

 - Brayden Waller

Course Details


- Prayer

- Biblical Identity

- Israel 

- Purity

- Worship

- Farming/Soil Science

Primary Teachers

- Brayden Waller

- Britt Waller

- Samuel Wearp


- Bible

- Personal Journal

- Prayer Course by Lars Enarson

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Patterson, MO 63956​

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